A VPN Connection allows you to connect back to campus resources while off campus. 

In order to use a VPN connection you need to have approval through IT. 

Note: You can only use VPN when you are a connected to a network that is not DWU. 

1. Install VPN Client

  • Go to https://vpn.dwu.edu
  • Login with your DWU username and Password 
  • Download and Install the Client (Use the 64 bit version for your Windows computer)
  • Follow installation instructions
  • You may see this System Extenion Blocked message. Click Open Security Preferences.
  • Click the Lock icon and enter your credentials.  Then click Allow.

2. Connect to the Client

  • Open the GlobalProtect Agent
  • Type in: portal.dwu.edu
  • Click Connect
  • Type in your DWU username and password (this is the first part of your email address before the @ symbol)
  • Work as your would normally

3. Disconnect from the Client

When your are you finished working, make sure to disconnect from the client. 

  • Click this icon at the top of the screen
  • Then click disconnect