New and returning students most complete their TigerGo! once a year. 

TigerGo! is a portal that allows DWU to gain important information such as: permanent address, insurance, and emergency contacts. 

The tutorial below will walk you through a basic instance of a few TigerGo! tasks. (Yours might look a bit different depending on the tasks assigned to you).

You can either scroll through then entire tutorial as you go through, or use the contents to click to what section you are struggling with.  

Sign in to TigerGo!

If you are a new student, you can find your username and password on the document sent by the Admissions team. 

If you are returning student, your username and password is your DWU login information. 


You can reset your password by clicking here.


If you see this error, correspond with the individuals the error states. 

Familiarize yourself the parts of the web page

Progress Bar: 

As you complete tasks, you can track your progress at the top of the page. 


The list of tasks are the tasks assigned to you (tasks will vary from person to person). 

All tasks are assigned a letter. So if you need ask for help, you can easily refer to what task you are stuck on. 

Once you complete a task it will turn green. 

Completing a Task:

Each task will explain what the task is and how to complete it. 

Most of the time you will need to click the link to open another page. 

Once you compete a task you will be sent to a confirmation screen and a link you have to click to go back to your tasks. 

Clarification about the Tasks

As you go along you might have a few questions about why you are being asked for certain information, or how to complete one of the tasks. 

Below you will more information for the most common of tasks assigned. 

Self Service

Self Service gives you the ability to change the password to you DWU account. 

The information gathered in this section will also be added to your student record for alternate contact information.

Alternate Email

Make sure to use an account that is not associated with another school (ex:,,

Phone Number

Providing your cellphone number will allow you to: 

  • Reset our password
  • Get campus notifications (ex: snow days, emergencies)
  • Receive communication from campus departments

Your number is only accessible to a small percentage of campus who is given that permission. So you do not need to worry about it being public knowledge. 


The tasks gathers all the background information we need to complete your student file. 

You will also have the options to grant or deny how your information is shared with others. 


You have to complete all the tasks listed to complete the overall Registrar task

Local Address

You only need to fill this out, if during the school year you are staying in one of the residence halls.

Release of Information

If you authorize a Release of Information, that means your parent/guardian can have access to all your non-directory information. 

As defined by FERPA: 

Directory information could include information such as the student's name, address, e-mail address, telephone listing, photograph, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended, grade level or year (such as freshman or junior), and enrollment status (undergraduate or graduate; full-time or part-time). 

Link for more information

If you allow the Release of Information, your parent/guardian will have access to this information: 

  • Grades
  • Course List
  • Attendance 


Often times DWU will send out news articles to various news sources. 

You can choose to allow DWU to send out news about your or not. 


If you have had a name change such as a marriage, adoption, or by choice, you can state if you want your previous name sent out to media sources in your home town. 

Campus Nurse

Dakota Wesleyan University requires all full-time students (carrying 12 credits or more) to have billable major medical insurance coverage. 

Make sure to include not only the information about your insurance but also a high quality picture of your insurance card. 


If you attend a registration day on campus there will a be a station to get this task completed. 

Student Life

The tasks in this section deal with being a student at a university. 

Vehicle Registration

If you are going to park on campus at any point in the year you need to register your vehicle. Even if you are staying on campus, you need to register your vehicle. 

There is not cost for the registration, only if you get a ticket for not having a registered vehicle. 


You will be redirected to TigerNet to finish this task. Make sure you log in at the top of the page to reach to form. 

Campus Safety Training

This section will contain different training throughout the year. 

You will be redirected to another page to complete the task. 

If you having technical issues completing the training make sure you are using a Chrome browser. If you are on an iPad you need to use the Puffin browser app. 

Parent Information

Our system can allow up to three parents/guardians to be stored. 

You can use the Both option in Parent 1 to add parent/guardians that live at the same address. 


Make sure you make a selection for Parent 2 even if it is just None

Information Technology

Take the time to read through all the policies before you sign. 


Not every field is required, but the Advancement team would appreciate if you would fill out as much as possible. 


"My life goals or plans after college are..." is a required question 


Completing this wavier will allow you to use the athletic facilities on campus. 

Even if you do not plan to part take in any athletic group, the facilities are used for other events and activities.  


You will be brought to a page called SignNow to complete this task. 

Make sure to fill out both the time and date. 


When you are done, make sure to click Done at the top of the page. 

Business Office

This task requires you to work with the business office to finalize you financial student account.