Open Eset by either clicking the carrot in the lower right hand side of your computer and clicking the Eset icon or hit the WIndows key and type in Eset. After opening it, click "Setup". 

Then click "Web and email".

Next, click the cog next to "Web Access protection"

Navigate to "URL Address Management" and click that. It should say "Address list" under it. Click "View" next to "Address list".

Click on "List of allowed addresses" and click the grey "View" button. This screen shows you the list of all of the websites and addresses that you are allowing through Eset that normally are not allowed through. If you want to add a website to this list of allowed websites, you will click "List of allowed addresses" and click the Edit button. If the Edit button does not show up, be sure to click the dropdown in the lower left side of the window and be sure it's set to "Show local rules". After that, click the Add button and type in the URL that you want to allow through Eset. Be sure you click OK on all the windows to close out of them and you should be done!