Below are instructions with screenshots to help show you how to go in and create an assignment with the ability to go through Canvas.

First log in to Canvas and go to the course you want to create the assignment for.

Select the Assignments tab on the left side of your screen

Click the +Assignment button to add a new assignment

Fill in the necessary info for Title, Points, Etc.

Under the Submission Type select the External Tool from the drop down
Then click the Find button to the right of the link box

In the Configure External Tool box that pops up scroll down the list till you find Turnitin

Highlight Turnitin then click Select button

You will see the URL is filled in the link box. You can choose to Load the Tool in A New Tab or just have it open right on your assignment page.

Continue filling in the rest of the information fields for the assignment and click Save button.

From there it will show you the newly created assignment with Turnitin enabled depending on whether you selected for it show on the Canvas page or 'Load This Tool in a New Tab'.


If you still have questions or need assistance please contact the IT helpdesk by emailing us at Thank you!