What do I need to turn in? 



Charging Block (must be Apple brand)

Charging Cord (must be Apple brand)

Is there anything I need to do before I turn it in?

Turn off Find My iPhone and sign out iCloud

Can I buy my iPad from the university? 

No, you only can gain ownership if you graduate.

What are the repair costs? 

iPad: $50 (first 2 offenses)

Keyboard: None if covered under warranty, replacement cost ($150)

Block & Cord: Replacement cost ($20 apiece)

What if I don’t return a piece of equipment? 

You will be charged the price listed below:

iPad: $887 (and the iPad will be disabled and unusable)

Keyboard: $150

Block: $20

Cord: $20

How do I pay off my balance? 

We will send the charge to the business office and it will be charged to your student account. You will have to work out the payment through them.