If you are a Mac user and it is time to change your DWU password, you will have better results if you perform the change on your MacBook.

Also, if you are off campus (not on the DWU network), you will need to connect to the VPN.  Installation and connection instruction link: https://support.dwu.edu/en/support/solutions/articles/36000219325-vpn-connection-macbook-


It could take 10-15 minutes after your password is reset for it to work with the various DWU portals.

Apple/JAMF's Single Sign-On (SSO) Extension will automatically push to all MacBooks.

If you are on the DWU network and have never signed in to the SSO Extension, it will prompt you for your DWU username and password.  Click Sign In.

You will be asked if you want to automatically sign in from now on, click Yes.

When you need to change your password, click the key icon at the top of your screen.  Click Change Password...

Important: You need to be on the DWU network, either on campus or via the VPN.

Note: If do not see the key icon, please contact or stop by the Support Office - Smith 207.

Enter your old password and your new password twice.  Click Change Password.  This will change your MacBook logon and DWU password.