When updating a list you have a few different options. 

1. Adding an individual item (this option allows you to add attachments)

2. Using quick edit to add a bunch of items

Follow these quick instructions to update you list:

1. Navigate to the page with the list you are trying to update

2. If you list is condensed on the page you might have to click See All to open more options

Option 1

3. Click New in the menu bar

4. Fill out the form that shows on screen 

5. Add an attachment here if you need to

6. Click Save 

Option 2

3. Click Quick Edit

4. Wait for the page to load (it might take a few seconds, be patient)

5. Add list items like you would an Excel Spreadsheet

Note: You can not add attachments here (you will have to go to the main page and edit from there)

Note: This will save once you enter the data.

To go back to the main view click Exit quick edit