You can enter grades at 

If you missing the ability to add grades: 

  1. the grading period is not open
  2. you are not an instructor in the course 

Please contact the Registrar's office with these types of issues

1. Navigate to the Faculty tab once you log into TigerNet

2. Scroll down until you see 'Faculty Course Center' and your course list. 

In the drop down next to course you want to enter grades in select Grade Entry

Note: Double check that you are in the right term. If you are not, then click view details and select the right term. 

3. Set Last Date of Attendance

Use the Set Default LDoA to set the same date for all the students. Make sure to change the date from the default if you need to. 

Then go through and change individually the students who have a different LDoA. 

Note: Use the calendar icon to change the date for a single individual. 

4. Enter Grades

If if works in your situation, you can set a Default Grade for all students, then go back and change individuals. 

Note: You can either use the drop down, or type to set an individual grade.

5. SAVE!!!

When you are done entering grades, make sure to save so you do not have to enter them again. 

6. Navigate to the next course

Once you are done entering grades for this course, you can easily navigate to the next course via the drop down at the top of the page.


If you are having issues with a certain student or need an incomplete, LOA, or similar noted, reach out to the Registrar's office. 

Once the grading period is closed, you will have to submit a grade change through the Registrar's office. 

If you are having technical issues reach out to Support Services.