The DWU IT Dept. has enabled a couple of new features of the Mimecast Email Security software. To help protect you from malicious emails, you will be required to register the devices on which you receive email. The first time you click a link in an email, you will receive a message that looks like this:

Type in your email address and click Get Authentication Code. You will receive an email with the authentication code, which you can then type into the box, as shown here:

Once you have typed the code in the box, click Enroll Device. You only have to do this once for each of your devices that receive email.

More info re: URL Protection:

URL Protection scans web links clicked on by the recipient in incoming emails for malicious content, and will block access if the link is determined to be harmful. Along with this feature, we have also enabled a feature called User Awareness. When you click a link in an email, the system will ask you whether you think the link is malicious or not. This feature will present a message that looks like this:

You can choose to respond either It’s Safe or It’s Harmful – the system will then let you know whether you made the correct decision or not. If you said the link was safe, and Mimecast has determined it actually is a safe link, you will see a confirmation of that:

You can then continue to the website. If you choose the option of It’s Safe and it’s actually a harmful link, you will get a response telling you that it is actually harmful, and it will then block the site from being accessed, and show the following message:

You will be presented with this question approximately 10% of the times you click a link in email.

If you have any questions, please contact DWU Support Services at or 605-995-2900.