Before you can make this work you have to add screen recording to your control center.

  1. Open the iPads Settings App
  2. Search or scroll until you see Control Center
  3. Select Customized Controls
  4. Add Screen Recording

Now you can share in Teams by following these instructions:

  1. Start a Teams meeting with your desired contact.
  2. Once the session is started, click the 3 dots (ellipses) at the bottom of the screen, then click share
  3. Then click Screen Share
  4. Now the instructions will pop up. If you have already down the initial set up, you can skip this step and skip to Broadcast.
  5. Follow the instruction in the Broadcast to start the screen share.
  6. Swipe Up (if you have iOS 11 or older) or down from the right corner (for iOS12) to access the Control Center.
  7. Then firmly press the Record icon to open more settings.
  8. Make sure Microsoft Teams is selected in the list and hit Start Broadcast.
  9. A 3 second countdown will begin, then you will get a notification saying you have shared your screen, and a timer will start in the menu.