Google Sync is everything Google synced in one place. So not only will your Chrome bookmarks and setting sync, but so will mail, documents, contacts, and so much more. Google Sync also allows you to pick up tabs you were using from different devices.

Must have a Google account to have Chrome sync across of your devices. Your DWU Microsoft account will not work for this purpose.

Account & Signing In

1. Sign up for a Google account if you have not done so already.

2. Download Google Chrome onto your device if you have not already.

3. Sign into Google Chrome with your Google account

       Desktop- Click the person to sign in

        Mobile- Go into Settings then sign in

Google Sync could turn on automatically, if it does, click OK and you are go to go. 

4. Or to turn on Google Sync:

  • Open your Profile
  • Make sure syncing is selected for the account you logged into