A: It depends on what device you are using OneDrive on.

  • Laptop/Desktop: When you go to save your file, save as you normally would, then select OneDrive (you must have OneDrive set up first). Or you can copy and paste or drag files into your OneDrive folder.
  • Tablet/Mobile Device: Within the OneDrive app you will see a + sign. That will open up a menu and you will see the option to upload. Select where you want to upload from and follow the steps it gives you. Or if you are using a Microsoft app (like Word) you can select to save to your OneDrive just like you would on your computer. 
  • Online: Once you are in your online OneDrive account, you will see an upload option. Select File or Folder, then select what you want to upload. Or you can drag and drop from the file location on your computer to the OneDrive web page.

Video: Check out this video from Microsoft about uploading files