Toshiba copiers on campus have the option called Private Print. This options allows you to send a job to the printer and it will only print out when you enter your selected code. 

Follow these steps to print with Private Print. 

This tutorial is for Windows only. 

1. Print as you normal would, but first select Printer Properities

(If you do not see this or any of the upcoming settings, contact Support Services)

2. Under Print Job: select Private Print and click OK

3.  Now click Print

4. You will now be prompted to enter a Password

5. Now head to the printer you sent the job to. 

6. Push the Print button

7. Select your Name and push OK

8. Enter the Password you created at your computer for the job

9. Push OK to open your private print job. 

10. Select your Document and push Print to release your print job