Everyone is issued a DWU email account which has access to download the Office 365 Suite on to up to 5 devices. 

The activation will be good for as long as you are still issued the email account. 

Programs offered will be different depending on if you have a Windows computer versus an Apple computer. 

1. Go to www.office.com

2. Choose the Sign In option

3. Enter your DWU email address and click next

4. Enter your DWU password

5. Click on the Install Office apps button

6. Two options will appear, select the top one. 

7. A download will start, along with on screen instructions. Follow the instructions to start the download and installation of Office 365. 

8. Once the installation starts, you will see a progress page. 

9. Once completed you will be given a completed notification. 

10. When asked to enter your email and password, enter your DWU email address and password. 

If you need help with the installation process or run into issues, contact Support Services for assistance.