Though it is not required, we highly recommend downloading the Outlook app onto your mobile device. (If you are on a campus owned iPad, it is automatically downloaded for you.)

If you are not using the Outlook app, you might have to use in the server option. 

These instructions are how to add email to your mobile device via the Outlook app. 

1. Download and Open the Outlook App

2. Enter your DWU email address and select Add Account.

3. Enter the password associated with your DWU email address and select Sign in.

4. When prompted you can add another email account, if you have a personal account you want to add. 

    Or select Maybe Later to continue.

5. Then you get a walk through on how to use the app. Either select the arrow to go to the next slide, or select skip to go straight to your mail box. 

Your mail box could take minute to load if you have a large amount of email.