While you can change voicemail settings by calling your phone (instructions here), you are also able to change voicemail setting online. 

1. Go to https://elastix.dwu.edu/recordings/

2.  Login using your mailbox number (extension number) and password (voicemail password)

3. Select Settings from the menu on the left. 

4. You will now see a screen that allows you to change a large variety of options. 

5. To change where you get your voicemails you have two options: 

    1. Attach voicemail to email - this means you will get an email with the voicemail when the box is checked

    2. Delete voicemail after emailed - if this box is selected than once the voicemail is sent to your email, you will no longer be saved on your phone

            Un-check this box if you would like your voicemails to stay on your phone. 

6. If you change any settings, make sure to click Update to save your changes. 

There are other settings you can also change if you go back to the menu. For more detailed help on these please contact DWU Support Services