This document gives some helpful tips for adding program numbers to your VoIP phone. 

If you are confused by a term check the bottom of the page for the terms section. 

1.  Login into your phone via the web browser. (for instructions click here)

2.  Choose the DSSKey menu.   

3. Select the Type (Line, BLF, Speed Dial) you would like to program

4. Enter the Value (extension number for campus, full number for outside numbers)

5. Enter the Label (name) of the line

6. Make sure select Confirm to save your changes. 


DSSKey- the programmable touch buttons on your phone's home screen  

Line- a single extension, you can add other campus extensions to ring in your office 

BLF (busy lamp field)- means you can see when another person's line is busy, and you can even pick it up if it is ringing

Speed Dial - input numbers for easy dialing