When a caller is sent to your mailbox to record a message, they hear our greeting. You can record various types of greetings for your mailbox. You can create a personalized unavailable message that plays when your phone goes unanswered and an optional busy message that plays if you are on the phone. If you create a temporary greeting, that message is played instead of the others, until it is deleted. A personalized greeting is important to present a professional appearance to those who call you.

1. Call the voice mail system (click here for instructions)

2. Log in by inputting mailbox number and password. 

3. Press 0 to access the Mailbox Options menu.

4. Press 1 to record your unavailable message. 

A temporary greeting can be created by pressing 4 at the Mailbox Options menu. If a temporary greeting exists, it will be played instead of any other greetings until it is deleted.