Users can forward their phones from three different locations, and that change is not reflected in the other two locations.

user: extension # (four digits)

default password: extension # (four digits)


[10-digit phone number]

user: user

default password: [10-digit phone number]

To allow a user to answer a co-worker's phone without ringing their own phone, set up a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) button under the Dsskey tab.

In this example, the 2603 phone can press the BLF button to answer extension 2615, 2605, 2612, or 2151. They will probably hear their co-worker's phone ring in a different part of the office, but it won't ring on the 2603 phone.


user: admin

password: see Dashlane or SAPW

To make an extension ring on more than one phone, add the extensions of the additional phones to the "Follow Me" list of the desired extension.

In this example, when somebody calls 2603, then all four numbers listed will ring. (By default, a phone's extension is always included in its own Follow-Me List).

For additional consideration: