Edit an Existing Bookmark

Once you create a bookmark, you can edit the name and move it to another folder if you desire.

  • Either right click the bookmarks bar and select edit on the bookmark you want to edit, or open the bookmark manager
  • Make the changes you desire to make
  • Click save

Import Bookmarks

If have used another browser in the past, you can export those bookmarks and import them to Chrome.

  • Export your bookmarks from the browser you were using
  • Open the bookmark manager and settings
  • Click Import
  • Find where you saved the bookmarks and click open


  • Open Settings
  • Expand the Bookmarks options
  • Select Import bookmarks and settings
  • Select where you want to import from
  • Select Import

Export Bookmarks

If you want to move your bookmarks from Chrome to another browser, you can do so through export.

  • Open the bookmark manager and settings
  • Choose the name and location you want to save your bookmarks
  • Select Save

Open all Tabs

If have a folder of bookmarks you want to open at the same time to save time it is possible.  

  • Select the folder (or the entire bookmarks bar) you want to open
  • Right click and select how to wish to open those tabs

Incognito Window

If you want to open your bookmark in an incognito window (private browsing) that is possible from the bookmarks bar.

  • Select the bookmark or folder you wish to open in incognito
  • Right click and select incognito window