Creating a Folder

Folders can help keep bookmarks of similar pages organized.

  • Either right click on the bookmarks bar, choose another folder when creating a new bookmark, or open the bookmarks manager
  • Then click Add folder
  • Type the Name of the folder
  • Select where you want to the folder be
  • Click Save

Add or remove Apps Shortcut (desktop only)

Google offers a full line of cloud-based products that can be found by selecting the Apps Shortcut icon on the bookmarks bar. However, if you do not want this icon to show you can remove it.

  • Right click on the bookmarks bar
  • Select or deselect Show Apps Shortcut bar depending on what you wish to do

Rearrange Bookmarks on Bookmarks Bar (desktop only)

Once you create multiple bookmarks, you can arrange them in any order you would like.

  • Click and hold the bookmark you wish move (if you click and release, the bookmark will open)
  • Move the bookmark to where you want it in the order and release the mouse (you will see a black line appear to where you are moving the bookmark)

Open the Bookmark Manager & More Settings (desktop only)

If you want more control over your bookmarks, you can open the bookmark manager.

  • Right click the bookmark bar and click Bookmark manager
  • Open the settings, Bookmarks, Bookmark manager
  • Ctrl + Shift + O (Windows)
  • Option + Command + B (Mac)

Once you have the manager open, there is a settings menu with even more options.