If you need to allow Adobe Flash Player in Chrome follow these steps. 

1. Open Chrome

2. (Mac) At the top click Chrome then Preferences.... 

2. (PC) Select the more options button and then select Settings

3. At the top search for Flash

Then scroll down until you see Content Settings and click on it to open more settings

4. Scroll until you see Flash and make sure it says Ask First

If it does not, click on Flash to open more settings. 

5. Make sure the toggle is switch to Ask first and not Blocked

6. Navigate to the website you are trying to allow Flash to work with. 

7. Right click on the Lock and choose Allow in the drop down next to Flash

8. Click the to close the settings box. 

9. Once the message shows up click Reload to make sure all the settings save.

10. You should now see a prompt to Allow Adobe Flash Player Settings