1. Download the Parallels Client app from the App Store. 

2. Run the app and select Add when prompted. 

3. Select Parallels Remote Application Server

4. Fill in Server, Connection Mode, and Friendly Name, then select Advanced Settings

Server: PRAS1.dwu.edu

Connection mode: Gateway SSL Mode

Friendly name: DWU_MacWinApps

5. Check the Logon Automatically box (if you so desire), enter your:

Username, Password (select Save Password), and Domain (dwu.edu)

Do NOT click OK yet. 

6.  Select the Printing tab at the top. Set Redirect Printers: All

If you want to change your default printer, you can all so that on this screen. 

Do NOT click OK yet. 

7. Select the Local Resources tab at the top. Make sure all boxes are checked. 

This allows you to access your local drives while using Parallels. 

Do NOT click OK yet. 

8. For your local drives to connect properly, you will have to configure them first. 

On the Local Resources tab, click Configuration (next to Disk Drives)

Then select the button. 

Select Macintosh HD, Users, your username, and click Open.

9. Now click OK until all menus are closed. 

If you ever need to change any settings, "right" click on the connection and select Connection Properties...